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Notice of Funding Available and Request for Proposals

Proposals Due By: The application is open and rolling until funding is awarded.

  • First review period closes for applications : April 1, 2024.
  • Additional review periods: ongoing until March 31, 2025 or sooner if all funds are awarded.


DNRC’s fundamental intent in areas of State/County Cooperative Fire Protection (County Coop) is to build and maintain the capacity of local governments so that local firefighters routinely succeed on the initial attack of wildland fires and avoid the need for large-scale involvement by the DNRC or our federal partners. The County Coop Fire Protection arrangement builds upon the fire suppression capacity of communities and local government and has been a highly effective fire protection model in Montana for the past 50+ years. This success can be attributed to the strong partnerships and cooperation that exist across the state.

To better support this fire protection arrangement in an ever-changing wildfire environment, DNRC has made funding available aimed at cooperatively increasing local fire leadership, preparedness, and fire response capabilities. Through this opportunity, DNRC seeks to fund and leverage staff capacity or projects in support of local fire response coordination needs while also supporting DNRC County Coop fire protection related functions. 


Desired Outcomes

  • Actions and investments that further the capacity of rural fire protection entities at the local level, while also supporting the fundamental intent of the DNRC County Coop program.
  • Well-coordinated, safe, and effective local wildland fire response.
  • Increased wildfire preparedness efforts and improved coordination between local, state, and federal fire response organizations.


Source of Funding

Funding sources for this grant are from appropriations in the State of Montana made available through the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Forestry and Trust Lands Division. State General Fund (HB2) is expected as an on-going funding source. There has also been a one-time increase from the Fire Suppression Fund through HB 883 for this cycle of grant opportunity. Grant funds will be distributed on a reimbursement basis.


Eligible Applicants

Montana counties with a current Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement with the State of Montana as outlined in MCA 7-33-2202 (4b) are eligible to apply.


Allowable Activities

This grant opportunity is intended to further the capacity of rural fire protection entities at the local level, while also supporting the fundamental intent of the DNRC State/County Cooperative Fire Protection program. The following are items are examples of potentially eligible projects. DNRC encourages innovative approaches to furthering local fire leadership, preparedness, and fire response capabilities.

Note: These funds are intended to supplement activities or fulfill unmet needs--they cannot be used to replace previously allocated funding.


Examples of eligible high priority activities include:

  • Funding County Fire Warden, Deputy County Fire Warden, or Rural Fire Coordinator positions that are currently unfunded, part-time, ad hoc, or volunteer.
  • Reimbursement/stipends for other unfunded or volunteer fire leadership positions such as County Rural Fire Chiefs, Fire Chiefs or Duty Chiefs/Duty Officers during periods of heightened fire activity.
  • Reimbursement/stipends for County Rural Fire Department or Rural Fire District Personnel for fire response.
  • Other projects that further the capacity and capabilities of local fire response entities.

Another example of eligible, are more of a one time funding that would be more focused towards the following activities include:

  • IT Infrastructure that better supports well-coordinated, safe, and effective local wildland fire response (Dispatch, CAD, GIS, Mutual Aid Communications).
  • Wildland fire leadership and incident command training.
  • Other items that directly support high priority activities listed above with a reasonable justification.

If funding staff/personnel time or positions, Grantee will administer payment and/or payroll responsibilities for those individuals. The Grantee is also responsible for making sure that it and its employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance and in compliance with the coverage provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act.



This grant funding is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Grant funding must result in a net increase in fire response capacity. It cannot be used to repurpose or replace funding of positions that are already funded.
  • Funds are not intended for fire suppression equipment or personal protective equipment. Other grant funding sources exist for these types of items.
  • Projects not directly related to furthering local fire leadership, preparedness, and fire response capabilities are ineligible.


Grant Amount

Grants awarded will typically range from $10,000 to a maximum of $100,000. DNRC may consider proposals exceeding the $100,000 limit on an exceptional basis. Award amounts may vary due to funding availability and the number and quality of applications received. Multi-year applications will be considered with a 3-year maximum.


Match Requirement

This grant does not require match. However, cash and/or in-kind contributions are encouraged to support the cooperative intent of this opportunity. 


How To Apply

Scroll down and select "login" (if you already have a Submittable account) or "create a new account" to start filling out the application. Submit your application by 5 p.m. on April 1, 2024 for consideration in the first review period. 

  • You can use this worksheet to start brainstorming your ideas. You can then copy and paste your answers into the Submittable application.

Letters of support for the funding request from participating fire departments, rural fire councils, and other organizations are not required but will strengthen an application.

After the initial round of proposals are reviewed, if funding remains, additional proposals will be reviewed up until the final submission deadline of March 31, 2025. The panel may choose to immediately award funding to a proposal, may reject a proposal for funding or may choose to place a proposal in a pending approval status. Pending approval proposals may or may not be subsequently awarded funds and may be passed-over for funding in favor of a later submission that the panel deems to have more merit. The opportunity will remain open and will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until March 31, 2025 or earlier if all funding is awarded.


Award and Disbursement 

Applications received will be reviewed for funding by DNRC Fire Protection staff. Applications will be evaluated on how well they meet the goals of the grant program. If funding remains after first-round selections, or if additional funding becomes available, DNRC may consider funding additional applications at that time.

Upon selection of funding, DNRC will proceed with developing grant award documents with identified points of contact. Applicants selected in the first review period must be capable of returning a signed grant agreement to DNRC by June 20, 2024.  Funded activities may start July 1, 2024.

Funds may only be used as described in the executed grant agreement unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the DNRC. Disbursement of grant funds by DNRC will be upon approval of submitted documentation of reimbursable costs. Documentation may include itemized receipts, invoices, financial reports, and other documents that clearly show expenditures.


Reporting Requirements

Grantees will be required to report to DNRC on a quarterly basis to describe project accomplishments and how funds are being utilized. A final report will be required stating how the funds were used and the outcomes that were achieved.


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State/County Cooperative Fire Program Manager

DNRC Fire Protection Bureau



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