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For the most up to date grant guidelines, please visit the CD Resource Documents Site.

To inquiry about ideas, and/or project feasibility, contact the CD Specialist for your District who will work with you to develop the proposal including a detailed scope, schedule, and budget.


Stephanie Criswell, Steph.Criswell@mt.gov, 406-444-6669
Mary Hendrix,  Mary.Hendrix@mt.gov, 406-431-2639
Veronica Grigaltchik, Veronica.Grigaltchik@mt.gov, 406-437-4501
Catey Bauer, catey.bauer@mt.gov, 406-465-0948

Kasydi Lucas, kasydi.lucas2@mt.gov, 406-594-0726

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.