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DNRC Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program
Project Planning Grant Application Guidance

Contact Information
Lindsay Volpe             444-9766         lmvolpe@mt.gov

RRGL Planning Grant Purpose
The purpose of the RRGL Planning Grant Program is to provide funding  to governmental entities for professional and technical services  necessary to produce a high-quality RRGL grant application leading to a  project that conserves, manages, develops, or protects Montana’s  renewable resources.

The contracted services must be necessary to produce or update a  Preliminary Engineering Report meeting the requirements of the Uniform  Application for Montana Public Facility Projects OR the Step 4.  Technical Narrative section of the RRGL Application for Governmental  Entities. Costs to produce Capital Improvement Plans, Growth Plans, and  other management tools are also eligible for funding.
The program does not cover costs associated with final design, aquatic invasive species, in-kind activity, indirect or program costs.

An applicant must be a governmental entity, including tribal  governments. Examples include municipalities, counties, sewer and/or  water districts, irrigation districts, conservation districts, and  Native American tribes located in Montana.
In-kind services and program costs are not eligible reimbursable items.

How to Apply
All applications must be submitted electronically by February 18, 2022.  An applicant must register and apply at https://www.grants.dnrc.mt.gov

Authorizing Statement
All applications must submit an Authorizing Statement (pdf) as a requirement of the application.

Applications will be reviewed and competitively ranked based on the renewable resource benefits of the proposed project.  Proposed projects must conserve, manage, develop, or preserve/protect Montana’s renewable resources.
Application Review Form

Funding is limited by availability and will be at the final  discretion of RRGL staff. However, all efforts will be made to make  awards in accordance with application type limits listed below in order  to preserve budget integrity for the applicant.

Application Types and Associated Grant Limits
New Preliminary Engineering Reports meeting the requirements of the  Uniform Application for Montana Public Facility Projects are limited to  $15,000.

New Technical Narratives meeting the requirements of the  Step 4.  Technical Narrative section of the RRGL Application for Governmental  Entities are limited to $15,000.

Updates to existing Preliminary Engineering Reports and Technical Narratives are limited to $8,000.

Other types to fund Capital Improvement Plans, Growth Plans, and other management tools are limited to $5,000.

Environmental Checklist
Please complete the Environmental Checklist for your project if on the ground activities will result in environmental impacts. Consult with the program staff for additional guidance or questions. 

Reporting Requirements
Funds for these grants will be subject to ARPA funding requirements. Quarterly reports will be required for reimbursement.

Funding Requirements

Applicants will be required to provide a federally issued Unique ID Number (UEI) or DUNS Number. Find more information here (pdf). 

Match Requirements
No match is required.

Funding Cycles
The total grant funds for 2023 biennium are $1,000,000. Application funding is available depending upon revenue received. After the second cycle, planning grant awards will be awarded at the programs discretion.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.