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DNRC Reclamation and Development Grants Program - Planning Grants

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) manages the Reclamation and Development Grants Program (RDGP) to fund projects that indemnify the people of the state for the effects of mineral development on public resources and that meet other crucial needs to protect Montana’s environment. Crucial state need projects must serve the public interest and the total environment of the citizens of Montana.  The purposes of the reclamation and development grants program are to:

  • repair, reclaim, and mitigate environmental damage to public resources from nonrenewable resource extraction; and,
  • develop and ensure the quality of public resources for the benefit of all Montanans.

The purpose of the RDGP planning grant program is to assist local governments with planning and preparation for these types of projects.

Applicant Eligibility
Reclamation and Development Grants Program planning grants are available to city, county, or other local political subdivisions or Tribal governments within the state.  Federal agencies, private corporations, non-profits and individuals are not eligible to receive RDGP planning grant funding.

Project Eligibility
The RDG Program funds planning for the following project types:

  1. Reclamation ($75,000):  Projects that repair, reclaim, and/or mitigate environmental damage to public resources from non-renewable resource extraction (mining, hazardous waste, and oil and gas)
  2. Drought Management Plan ($50,000): Development of a drought management plan for a watershed or region of the state. Drought management plans must identify drought mitigation projects (see below) to implement.
  3. Drought Mitigation Project Planning ($50,000): Planning for specific projects that address drought across a watershed, as the main purpose of the project. The project must be identified in an existing plan such as a drought management plan or a watershed management plan that ties the need for the project to the watershed for region.
  4. High Hazard Dams ($75,000):  High hazard dam (Montana Dam Safety Act, MCA 85-15-106) projects that will mitigate damage to natural resources as a result of failure.  Planning grants must clearly demonstrate natural resource benefits.
  5. Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) Mapping ($75,000):  Channel migration zone (CMZ) mapping projects that plan for large-scale flood assessment or other natural resource benefits to a watershed or region of the state. Projects must identify the natural resource needs of the area and include prioritization of projects benefiting natural resources. 
  6. Other Crucial State Need ($50,000):  Projects that meet a crucial state need must prevent or eliminate severe and unacceptable damage to natural resources or capture extraordinary public benefit that would otherwise be lost.  They must have a regional, watershed, or statewide importance.  Public benefit from this type of project must directly relate to natural resources. 


Program Guidance and Application Instructions are available on the DNRC Planning Grants page.   This application must be submitted by someone within the applying entity (city, county, conservation district, etc.).  

Questions?  Contact:
Samantha Treu, samantha.treu@mt.gov, 406-422-3369

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